Building for the Kids



Building For the Kids

About Hawthorne Youth and Community Center

Hawthorne Youth and Community Center is a grassroots, non-profit that has been responsive to community needs for over forty years. The center, the brainchild of a small group of concerned community youth and adults, began in a converted coal cellar in 1967. Three years later operations moved to a larger Roxbury facility at 9 Fulda Street, a building on an Archdiocese owned complex. In 1984, through community support and fundraising, a ten-year old dream was realized that allowed us to secure the property deed. Since its inception Hawthorne has provided quality educational, cultural and recreational programming for youth and adults as well as a forum where residents come together to improve the quality of neighborhood life. Hawthorne supports and celebrates the rich diversity of Roxbury’s Highland Park.


Raising the Roof

Having outgrown the building’s one room class space, Samantha Sadd, our long time program coordinator who recently passed, current students, alumni, the community, and board have been working continuously to bring forward an expansion plan.  Design for the expansion began in earnest in early 2014 between Josh Wood of Rose Wood Architects, Placetailor Inc, and the HYCC board and Staff. It was determined from the out-set that a primary focus of the design would be toward energy reductions and to turn HYCC in a showcase for high performance building. This intent was to not only ensure the future of the building and its programs through reduced operation costs but to also use it as model for other residents to find inspiration and techniques for their own homes. Expansion got underway fall 2014 and continues to date.