Garden View

Putting the finishes touches on the Garden Elevation. We wanted to tie the garden beds with the facade, and to be a little playful, which we think has some pretty nice results. Kale is also filling in nicely

Turning the Corner

Siding is almost complete, the trellis has been built and electric is rolling along. Within a couple weeks will be back inside starting on the interior finishes....can't wait to see it all come together.

Cedar Cedah Metal

Cedar Rainscreen is milled and going round and round. The aluminum panels also got installed this step closer to having an outdoor movie by the end of summer!

Demolition and Air Barriers

Demolition is now complete and Placetailors are wrapping up all the "loose ends", tying in corners, completing the air barrier and finishing the exterior insulation. Next week siding begins!

Outside Inside Walls

This past week Tailors stripped the exterior metal siding off the existing building and framed up the new exterior walls...all this was done with the interior drywall left completely intact. The new HYCC is certainly taking shape!

Poly UP!

Roof is being insulated (R76) and weathered in, windows are about to arrive, and we are about to start renovating the existing building. More to Come!! Happy Spring!


Vapor Open

A post for the nerds...Here is the double layer roof detail for HYCC. To (sort of) spare the technical jargon, this allows the roof to breathe as we add R56 insulation and an air tight boundary to the existing roof structure. Thanks to SIGA products for providing the Majvest membrane to make this magic happen.

Raising the Roof

Another great turnout from volunteers on a cold day. The team was able to get the rafters set and sheathed on the new office wing and a good amount of prep work done to get the Placetailor crew rolling for the work week. Many thanks to all those that turned out!


Build Day! M7

What a fine day! Sunshine, happy volunteers, coffee and muffins from the Haley House. Thanks to all those that turned out to help frame and stand the walls for the gallery up, we will Raising the Roof!


Zen and the Art of Air Sealing

With winter fully upon us we squeezed in rebar and air-sealing the slabs just in time before 3 feet of snow fell. Laura bent some some rebar, Jeff and Takii got zen with tape. Special thanks to Siga for the Rissan tape that allowed us to get it done 15-20 degree weather. 

Framing in 10 Degrees

Jeff and Laura braved the wet and cold weather built the storage shed, the form work for the slab, hauled 40 yards of excess soil and debris off-site and pinned some rebar. Not bad for working in 10-15 degree weather

Ground Unfreezing

Happy New Year! HYCC has officially broken ground and has 8" of foam in place for the slab. Trying to keep anything warm that we can these days...even dirt and gravel. [image: Inline image 1]